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Our suggestion for top 5 touristic attractions in Romania

Top 5 attractions suggested by Zozorent

This article is for you who plan to see Romania for the first time, but it might be useful for other tourists looking for top Romanian attractions which can be done in a week.

Bran - Bran is a commune not far from one of the biggest cities of Romania - Brasov. Bran is also the name of the castle. This place is the source of many stories known worldwide. Vlad Tepes a.k.a Dracula was the one who keeps these stories alive after roughly 300 years. Besides the controversial history, Bran is also known for the beautiful surroundings and for the terror tunnel. You can get this by bus, train or you can rent a car.
Zozorent endorses the Castle of Dracula for history, nature and fun

Stay with a local - feel, breath, eat, hear and see the same as one who lives here - do that for a day. This will be best approach to fully get a glimpse of what living as a Romanian means! - Romanian. One can get some culinary specialities from here
Zozorent endorses this for culture, drink and food

Transfagarasan - the most spectacular road in Europe , if you are planning a trip in Romania, you should definitely rent a car if you didn’t come with your own car and experience the view, the road and why not stay a night in the wildest with the tent. The Trasfagarasan road is not the only road you can try with the car, Transalpina being another spectacular road because of his high altitude.
Top Gear endorsed this place for the grandtour

Rock Sculpture of Decebal - the mountain sculpture - - the most biggest rock statue in Europe, the Decebal Statue the last king of Dacia - has 55m and is located on the Danube river, near Orsova city in Romania.The easiest way you can see it is taking the boat.
Zozorent endorses the Rock Sculpture of Decebal for awesomeness family trip and culture.

Vama Veche - the romanian beach, alternatively camping at seaside Danube Delta - Even if you choose to spend a few days near the beach or take a trip in the Danube Delta you will not be disappointed in any way. Vama Veche is know for the wild spirit with interesting bars, cool people and relax environment wherever you will go. The Danube Delta is one of uniq in Europe, inhabited by more than 360 species of birds and approximately 45 species of fish.
Zozorent endorse this for fun, sun, swim and traditional dishes based on fish.






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